Saturday, May 14, 2016

Yose theater and Sanja-matsuri festival in Asakusa

Today, I visited Asakusa Engei Hall to see a Yose [vaudeville theater].

Asakusa Engei Hall (in Japanese)

Engei is one of Japanese traditional culture. It is composed of several kinds of performance such as Rakugo, Manzai, and Daidogei. We can see many engei at a particular theater. Asakusa is one of the popular places to enjoy vaudeville.

Several performers played engei today. "Knights" was the most popular. They are directors of Nippon Manzai Association.

Most of the audience were rather aged. Young people would like to watch TV for enjoying engei rather than visiting Asakusa. Also, engei itself is not so popular to young people.

Perhaps for this reason, many performers selected some themes which are likely to be concerned with senior citizens, such as health, politics, and kids education.

Today, Sanja-matsuri, a Shinto festival was also held in Asakusa.

Sanja-matsuri (in Japanese)

I could see a mikoshi by chance from a restaurant in front of a road.

The main street was crowded. I saw many foreigners visiting there.

This is Kaminari-mon [Thunder Gate], a famous place in Asakusa.

Today was sunny and comfort to walk around. I enjoyed this weekend.

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