Monday, May 23, 2016

MX 4D is terrific but terrible for me

As I wrote yesterday, I experienced MX 4D entertainment on cinema for the first time.

MX 4D is an interactive attraction technology developed by MediaMation. With MX 4D, you can feel several stimuli while seeing a movie. The stimuli MX 4D provides include moving the sheet, flashlight, sense of being knocked in the back, neck, and legs, mist, and water splash, and smell. These stimuli are of course synchronized to the scene you are watching. For example, you sheet will vibrate on the scene of a car chase. The Wind will hit you when the hero in the film avoid a bullet. And, if the hero is knocked down by a villain, you are struck in your back.

This kind of attraction was spread in the late 1990s gradually. Nowadays, it is not so difficult to try interactive attraction in a theme park. Also, there are several computer games with interactive devices such as vibrating controllers.

However, these games and attractions are made for exclusive use. Cinema movies were to be seen, and games were to be experienced. There had been a gap between this two entertainment.

MX 4D has combined them. You can feel, not only see, the movie. It is innovative.

The cost for enjoying MX 4D is not so cheap. You have to an additional 1,000 JPY or more for these features. In addition, there are only a few cinemas providing MX 4D in Japan. I visited Shinjuku to try it. It was fortunate that I had some tasks there. Otherwise, it is unsure whether time and money to get MX 4D experience is acceptable for me.

The performance was so good, or too good. I was scared while seeing the movie. Back knocking was not so strong, but enough to cause my fear. Due to the afraid of getting water splash, I had to tilt my neck in the latter part of the movie. Furthermore, it was difficult for me to understand the entire storyline while experiencing the shock.

We are absolutely safe for seeing a movie. It is the person in the movie, not us, to encounter the danger of death. MX 4D easily broke this obvious idea. My body shrunk and was alert to several risks for pains and death.

Therefore, I was exhausted at the end of the movie. Similar to a roller coaster, MX 4D provides too strong stimuli for me to enjoy. Perhaps, I will never try it, albeit approving its intensity.

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