Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bedbugs like red and black, research suggest

Have you ever seen a bedbug? It is small, but a terrible enemy to human. Once being bitten by a bedbug, you will suffer from serious itching.

Fortunately, we seldom encounter a bedbug in urban areas in Japan. I was attacked in London last year. I had to ask the landlord to change the sofa in the living room to expel the bedbugs. To be honest, it is uncertain I was acctually hit by bedbugs because I could not find them. Anyway, it was a terrible experience.

Recently, a study revealed that bedbugs are fond of staying in some particular colors. According to Corraine McNeill at Union College in New York, the most favorite colors for bedbugs are red and black.

Independent: Bedbugs are attracted to and repelled by certain colours, scientists discover

The researchers conducted a series of visual bioassays in the laboratory. Regardless of their sex or nutritional status, black and red colored harborage tended to be chosen by the bedbugs to stay compared to white color with statistical significance. On the other hand, yellow and green were least likely to attract bedbugs.

Journal of Medical Entomology: Behavioral Responses of Nymph and Adult Cimex lectularius (Hemiptera: Cimicidae) to Colored Harborages

Red is similar to the surface color of bedbugs, and black is dark. Thus, it seems bedbugs prefer the colors in which they can easily hide their body. This explanation looks persuasive.

Therefore, should you avoid red or black duvet? I do not think so. It is unfeasible to imagine that bedbugs in your bedroom are going to a walk toward neighbor’s red blanket. Regular cleaning is necessary to prevent the damage of bedbugs. And with keeping your duvets clean, its color will do not the matter.

The researchers also admit it. They consider that this finding will be useful for enhancing the strategy to trap bedbugs once established in a mattress, rather avoiding nest-building.

Nonetheless, I will select a green blanket in the next opportunity. It is not so logical but emotional matter.

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