Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sadiq Khan, a Muslim mayor of London

Sadiq Khan won the seat of Mayor of London in last week election. He signed to the role to succeed Boris Johnson.

BBC: Sadiq Khan sworn in as new London mayor

The fact that Khan is a Muslim has several meanings. He is the first Muslim gained the seat of Mayor in Europe. His father was an immigrant from Pakistan. He grew up in a flat for poor residents. Later he became a lawyer to fight for minorities. Since 2005, he had been an MP.

Khan competed with Zac Goldsmith for the Mayor’s position. As a member of Conservative Party, Goldsmith criticized him for a suspicious relationship with Islamic extremists. It resulted in a drawback. He lost supporters even who were rather conservative.

The victory of Khan represents the diversity of the UK. At least many Londoners accepted Muslim in spite of some opinions against immigrants. The referendum about Brexit planned in the next month will be influenced by this result.

Interestingly, this election seems to have an impact on the Presidential election in the US. Donald Trump told that he would prohibit Muslims from entering the US previously. Following the winning of Khan, he said that Kahn would be an exception to his concept.

The New York Times: Donald Trump Says Sadiq Khan, New London Mayor, Could Be Exception to His Muslim Ban

It seems ridiculous. It is impossible that mayors of a world-famous city are inhibited from visiting the US. On the other hand, several candidates will be in a similar position to Kahn in the proximal future. Does Trump declare “an exception” every time for fresh Muslim politicians? Not surprisingly, Kahn expressed a discomfort to Trump’s statement.

NBC News: New London Mayor Sadiq Khan Slams Donald Trump's 'Ignorant' View of Islam

The fact he gathered many Londoners’ support is completely against extremists’ exclusive discipline. I expect Kahn’s administration will have the power to improve the mutual relationship between Muslims and other cultures.


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