Thursday, May 5, 2016

Trump is the last Republican nominee for President

The Presidential race in the US has approached a turning point.

Ted Cruz suspended the campaign for President, following Donald Trump’s historic victory in the Indiana state. Cruz had been considered as the strongest competitor for Trump.

The New York Times: Ted Cruz Suspends His Campaign for President

Furthermore, John Kasich was also said to abandon the race. It means that Donald Trump will be the last Republican candidate for the president.

Los Angeles Times: John Kasich to end his campaign, leaving Donald Trump as sole Republican in race

This situation is quite controversial for supporters of the Republican Party. Even though Trump is popular to many citizens, not a few members of GOP dislike him. The only option for them is to vote for Hillary Clinton, supporting the opposing Democratic Party. Another choice is to support a third-party candidate, but it will bring almost the same result because Clinton will win in this case. Some supporters seriously believe that Clinton will be more desirable than Trump, who will be out of control.

The Washington Post: Anti-Trump Republicans confront a dilemma: Are they ready to help elect Clinton?

Of course, Trump is calling for unity to Republicans. But it seems not easy. Conservative Republicans, especially intelligentsia, have not been on the side of Trump. It is possible that they will feel sympathetic to Clinton rather than Trump. There is a risk that Republican Party itself will be split.

The Atlantic: The Day the Republican Party Died

Then, it is predictable that Clinton will attempt to attract Republicans to enclose their votes. Perhaps she will modify the statements slightly closing to the side of Republican Party. This strategy has a risk that Bernie Sanders will gain more support of Democrats. As it is highly likely that Clinton will finally win the nominee of Democratic Party, however, she will not hesitate to approach Republicans.

It is unsure who will grab the seat of President. If Clinton wins with many votes of Republicans, two-party system in the US itself will be challenged.

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