Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Erasable tattoo will come

Ephemeral, a startup company, is eager to develop removable tattoo products.

Tattooing is a method to print something in the live human skin. Nowadays, some people would like to carve tattoos as a fashion. However, the tattoo is hard to be removed. It means that you will deeply regret if you make an unwise choice.

The new technology mentioned above is composed of two solutions. The first is tattoo which will disappear after a year. The second is a way to erase carved tattoos.

Technology Fox News: End of permanent tattoos? Startup develops new high-tech ink

These new techniques can change our mind on the tattoo. Previously, the tattoo was a symbol of anarchism. In Japan, members of traditional yakuza (Japanese mafia) were fond of getting carved a big tattoo on their back and arms. Their figure often scared us, for instance in a public bath. Therefore, most public facilities such as spa, pool, and massage services prohibit people with tattoos from use them. A few years ago, Osaka prefectural government made a commitment not to adopt candidates with tattoos as an official. Hence, many Japanese people are allergic to tattoos.

The second solution releases people who would like to cancel the history in which they get tattoos recklessly.

On the other hand, the temporal tattoo is interesting. I think many tattoo-lovers do not accept it, because they believe they will continue to get along with their tattoos eternally.

The temporal tattoo will be utilized to some other purposes. For example, it can be identification. In the hospital, patients get a name band not to be misidentified to other patients. But this band is a little annoying. If tattoo can be printed to the body temporally without pain, it will replace an ID tag.

Some companies will adopt temporal tattooing as a uniform. In the Olympic or other big games, some supporters will carve a tattoo in their arm to show they are true supporters. Such casual usage is possible to be realized, if the temporal tattoo is provided with low cost and risk.

By the way, I do not like tattoo personally, either tattoo seal. I never exclude people with a tattoo. But, I will not try it even if it is removable.

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