Sunday, May 1, 2016

Pixabay, a media storage of public domain

As a blogger, I need at least one picture every day to put on the top of each entry. Entry without pics looks not attractive.

However, I am not good at taking a photo. I have had no cameras in my life. I have no knowledge about the photograph. Image retouching is also beyond my skills.

Then, I often use license-free photos. There are some websites which on which enormous images are uploaded. I see Photo-AC and Ashinari the most frequently.

Recently, I found Pixabay. It is said to stock over 80 thousand of images. All of them are public domain. It means that you can use the pictures on this site without any permission, regardless for business or private. Pixabay also deals with movie files.

In addition, Pixabay is collecting new images provided by photographers. These photos will be published with creative commons license policy. As a general principle, you can use these pictures without any restrictions as well.

Contributors who have uploaded ten images can use Pixabay without seeing the advertisement. I tried to offer some my photos. However, all of them were rejected by the judges. They said my images did not meet the criteria. Indeed, images on Pixabay are all far more beautiful than mine.

Photography Training and Image Quality Standards

It was disappointing for me not to have got my photos approved. Taking photos is a profound skill.

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