Monday, May 9, 2016

North Korea declared not to use nuclear weapons unless attacked

Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader, declared not to use nuclear weapons unless its sovereignty is infringed by others with nuclear arms.

Reuters: North Korea leader Kim sets five-year economic plan, vows nuclear restraint

North Korea made a party congress after an interval of 36 years. Foreign journalists were hardly permitted to attend the Congress. Therefore, the source of information about what was discussed in the Congress is limited to the national media in North Korea.

After the Congress, Kim made a broadcast report about the national policies for coming five years. According to him, North Korea is willing to contribute to global denuclearization.

His speech looks absurd at a glance, as North Korea had conducted nuclear experiments repeatedly. But his intention is likely to be deeper than expected.

Previously, North Korea made provocative actions to the world. Since this March, the economic sanction of the United Nation against North Korea has been strengthened. Although it is unsure this sanction really inflicted damages to North Korea, it seems to amend diplomatic policy this time.

North Korea said it would not use nuclear weapons unless it were attacked. If this statement is true, the US will lose the reason to continue the sanction against North Korea. Ceasing economic conflict will benefit both North Korea and its partners. Thus, North Korea made a step to improve its international status.

On the other hand, it looks North Korea surrendered to Western nations, especially for Koreans. Kim stated that North Korea would never be defeated by the US and its allies. This amendment of the policy had a risk to be a disgrace for North Korea.

I think One of the reasons Kim performed a Party congress is to explain his intention and to present that this statement he would make does not mean Korea’s surrender. And, fortunately, Kim could grasp the party organization, to success the statement.

So, what should the counterpart do? It is obvious.

We have to welcome North Korea’s statement. No one wants nuclear wars. If North Korea collapses, many uncontrollable refugees many will emerge. Then, not only nations around North Korea, including South Korea, China, and Japan, but also other Western countries will be seriously damaged. Preventing this nightmare should be prioritized. If North Korea gains the profit as a result, it is rather a desirable outcome.

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