Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Craig Wright again about the inventor of Bitcoin

Craig Wright, an Australian entrepreneur, declared that he was Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin, again.

Previously, he suggested that he invented Bitcoin. But his declaration was not believed. He was not the first person who named Satoshi. At last, Wright was not identified as Satoshi at that time.

My past entry: Craig Wright is the creator of bitcoin?

This time, Wright suggested some newly evidence to prove that he is Satoshi. He submitted the digital signature used in the first transaction of Bitcoin. Some people deeply concerned to Bitcoin, including Gavin Andresen, supported his comment.

BBC: Australian Craig Wright claims to be Bitcoin creator

Wright explained that the reason he admitted to being Satoshi was to avoid further rumors potentially harmful to himself. Indeed, he had been investigated by several persons who were just curious about his career. He said that he wanted to get rid of negative emotion against him.

However, Gavin Andresen’s blog in which Wright’s comment was approved, was suspected to be hacked. The signature in Bitcoin transaction Wright submitted seems meaningless, according to a specialists’ community. Now, Andresen is ignored by the core members of Bitcoin community. It remains unsure Andresen was deceived, or he did some tricks.

Reddit.com: Craig Wright's signature is worthless

This argument made the price of Bitcoin lowered. If Wright is truly Satoshi, one billion of Bitcoin he possesses should be focused. When he drops it, the Bitcoin market will collapse. If Wright is continuously making a lie, it will become uncertain that Bitcoin community itself deserves to be trustworthy.

More or less, the founder of a new value has a decisive influence, even if the person did not want to do so. After getting independent from the founder, Bitcoin will be unique.


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