Saturday, May 21, 2016

Chinese welcome refugees

Amnesty International, a human rights organization, published a report of investigation in which how do people feel about refugees in each nation.

The results are a little surprising. Chinese were ranked as the most welcoming people to refugees. Approximately 86% of Chinese thought that the government should take more actions to aid refugees.

It may mean that Chinese make a complaint to the governmental policy. In addition, however, near to a half of citizens are willing to accept refugees to their own home, according to the investigation. It is amazing.

Aljazeera: Chinese most welcoming to refugees, Russians least

Russia is the least welcoming country to refugees. It is not surprising. On the other hand, Japan was not included in the subject of the investigation. I wonder Japanese are prepared for supporting refugees. Nowadays, Japan is one of the most exclusive nations regarding immigration policy, although many foreign people come to Japan for leisure and shopping.

I, myself, feel difficult in accepting refugees to my home. It is stressful to live with strangers, to be honest. Instead, Japan should strengthen financial support to address the refugee crisis.

Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan, is considering to express additional aids up to 20 trillion JPY for this issue in coming Ise-Shima summit. Some people criticize him on the inconsistency between external expenditure and raising taxation. I do not think so. Though the amount of payment should be discussed, the refugee crisis is not an external issue even for Japan.

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