Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Skymark abandon to get Airbus A380

There is another topic in the Airline industry. Skymark is struggling to negotiate with Airbus, a European planemaker.

Skymark is a rising airline company in Japan. It provides several domestic routes with low cost. Recently it made a decision to offer free Wi-Fi service in flight using some vehicles.

Aviation Today: Skymark to Offer Free In-Flight Wi-Fi

I feel that Skymark has an aggressive attitude to the business. Some months ago, it created a sensation introducing a costume using miniskirt for cabin attendants. Some people are annoyed to watch an introduction sheet with unfriendly words set behind the seat.

My past entry: Sexual costumes of flight attendants 

However, it may be suffering from the competition with Low Cost Carriers. It has been forced to cancel the introduction of a new series of Airbus.

CH-aviatoin: Japan's Skymark reportedly drops its A380 order

Formerly, it made a contract to buy six vehicles which had not been used in other Japanese carriers from Airbus. It also intended to launch a new route to New York. However, the current situation, including the increasing cost of oil, made it difficult to fulfil the perspective.

The Japan Times: Skymark seen scrubbing order for six Airbus A380s

According to Skymark, Airbus suggested a large amount of penalty for cancelation. It recommended Skymark even to be merged with a larger company, I am not certain. Airbus made no comment on this deal.

Reuters: Airbus set to lose Japanese buyer for A380: sources

A380 powered by Airbus seems to be splendid. But its cost will be a burden for Skymark, or other carriers without adequate capital. No matter how it is painful, the decision of Skymark may be unavoidable.

To be honest, I do not like Skymark very much. Nonetheless, I hope Skymark will overcome this crisis. Diversity is essentially beneficial also in the airline industry.


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