Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mass peeping by a gynecologist at Johns Hopkins

These are terrible cases occurred in a famous hospital in the US. A gynecologist belonged to Johns Hopkins Hospital took videos and photos of the sex organs of his patients secretly. He had stored the collected files for two decades. Finally, a colleague reported his suspicious behaviors to the authorities in the hospital. The doctor was soon fired and committed suicide on Feb 2013.

Three anonymous women filed a suit on Mar 2013. Then, Johns Hopkins is going to pay up to $190 million in compensation for the victims.  Furthermore, the investigators found thousands of digital files. A total of 8000 women was suspected being took videos without consent. If all victims identified, the amount of compensation will become astronomical. It is minimally fortunate for victims that there was no evidence that these sensitive files had been shared by the internet.

DAILY NEWS: Johns Hopkins to pay $190 million for OB-GYN who secretly recorded women in examining room: lawyers

International Business Times: Peeping OB-GYN To Cost Baltimore's Johns Hopkins Hospital $190M In Settlement

It is certain that the behaviors of the gynecologist are out of the question. In general, doctors have no specific emotion against the bodies of their own patients. I believe that there are no medical doctors who are willing to be a gynecologist for the reason of his own sexual desire. The criminal may have some pathological personality traits.

By the way, this case caused a critical damage to the reputation of Johns Hopkins. Many female patients will hesitate to make a consult with a gynecologist at this hospital.

I am a little relieved to know that these crimes was revealed by an internal whistleblower. If the hospital had attempted to conceal the series of crimes, the situation would have been more desperate. I expect Johns Hopkins to restore the trust from the patients again.

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