Monday, July 28, 2014

Fukuoka again and airplane accidents

Today, I stay in Fukuoka to attend another conference.

I often see vapor trails in Fukuoka.

The upper photo is taken today. The lower one I shot during the previous visit. So great they are.

By the way, airplane accidents are sequential recently other than the Malaysian case. A plane of Air Algerie in which 116 passengers were boarding had been lost during the journey from Burkina Faso to Algiers. The wreckages of the plane were found in Mali. There is no hope of somebody survived. This jet was possible to be struck by a lightning.

BBC: Algeria passenger plane wreckage found in Mali

Mail Online: Doomed Algerian passenger plane 'may have been struck by lightning' as France sends in military to secure Sahara desert crash scene

In Taiwan, an airplane attempted to land at Magong Airport in heavy rain brought by a typhoon, to result in a fatal crash. More than 40 passengers were killed in the accident.

CNN: Taiwan plane crash kills 48 and injures 10

These tragedies have own differential causes. More or less, some incidents may carry a critical outcome. It is horrible that once an airplane loses its control in the sky, it is difficult for passengers to survive. Though many air routes are available today, we should not forget that there is some risk about it.

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