Saturday, July 19, 2014

Malaysian airplane destroyed

A Malaysian Airlines jet crashed from the sky in eastern Ukraine in July 17. No passengers survived. It suddenly disappeared when flying in the conflict zone between Ukraine and Russia.

BBC: Malaysia jet crashes in east, Ukraine conflict zone

At first, some rumors flew about the cause of this tragedy. Now the jet is suspected to be attacked by a missile fired by Russian separatists. Ukraine's security agency reported that a phone call suggesting the announcement of committing intercepted.

Fox News: Smoking gun? Intercepted calls point finger at Russian separatists in jet downing

Both Russia and Ukraine are blaming each other. President Vladimir Putin denied the involvement of Russia in this accident and claimed that Ukraine government was responsible for this case. Barack Obama and the United Nation are willing to participate in the investigation.

The Wasington Post: Obama Says Malaysian Jet Downed From Rebel-Held Area in Ukraine

Fortunately, the flight recorders in the collapsed airplane have been recalled by the rescuers. It will help to clarify the circumstances.

Financial Times: Malaysia Airlines crash: Rescuers recover second black box

To be honest, I hardly understand the intention of the attackers. If their purpose was to show the force or threatening, there might have been a criminal declaration. Some people hypothesize that the attackers shot the plane by an accident, misidentified as Putin was on the plane. But this is no more than a rumor.

It is the second disaster Malaysian Airline encountered, followed by the missing case unsolved. There are lots of anxiety around this.

My past entry: Missing case of Malaysian Flight MH370

I pray for the victims. We must terminate this kind of tragedy.


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