Sunday, July 20, 2014

iPad mini has come

When I got home today, iPad mini had arrived.

I ordered it several days before.

Actually, I do not like iPad so much. Additionally, since my iPad2 was working very well, I was hesitating to buy another one.

However, I was recommended to make a subscription of Nikkei Business recently. Nikkei Business is a famous monthly magazine published by Nikkei-Shinbun. It began to sell a set of 2 year contract of subscription of Nikkei Business digital edition with offering iPad mini. It saves money by approximately 20,000 JPN (200 US$).

To be honest, this is not so attractive deal. Charge connector is not compatible with old ones. You can choose the white color model with 16GB storage only. Furthermore, I predict Apple will release a new version of iPad soon. Nonetheless, I decided to make a contract. Nikkei is my favorite and the only newspaper I like in Japanese publisher.

Fortunately, Siri is available with this iPad. I will enjoy this new gadget for a while.


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