Saturday, July 26, 2014

Failure of lethal injection in Arizona

A criminal sentenced to capital punishment was suffering from pain for 2 hours on Jul 23 2014.

In Arizona, Joseph Wood, shot his ex-girlfriend and her father, was sentenced to capital punishment. He was injected with chemicals to terminate his life. However, after the execution started, he could not lose consciousness for a while.

FOX NEWS: 'Botched' Arizona execution reignites death penalty debate

A similar case occurred in Oklahoma. The criminal survived for 43 minutes after he received the injection. Although lethal injection is deemed as the least cruel means of execution, it has a risk of failure.

The Washington Post: Botched Oklahoma execution reignites death penalty debate

The reason why they were forced to resist the pain of dying is unclear. There may be an inadequate protocol in the process of execution. In the US, many drug companies are refusing to provide lethal injections for execution. It leads to let officials adopt more experimental methods for execution.

Vox: Why it took Arizona nearly 2 hours to execute a prisoner

In the US, many states have abolished the death penalty. However, approximately 70% of the citizens in Arizona support capital punishment. There are many controversies around it.

Traditionally hanging has been a method of capital punishment in Japan. Hanging is also the most common method of suicide. Some cases of survival were reported in the other days. However, since the criminal is to be left handed for 30 minutes after the execution nowadays, nobody can be resuscitated.

Most Japanese support the death penalty, which I am opposed to. I do not believe that the existence of capital punishment can reduce serious crime cases. Furthermore, there are some criminal cases who have a desire to be executed recently. Penal system should be reconsidered in Japan.

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