Sunday, July 13, 2014

A case of failing to get an iPhone

I visited a mobile phone store to consult about my telephone circuit today.

I have used Galaxy S III for almost two years. Though it has some troubles, I dare not to change it immediately.

To be honest, however, I have a plan to go abroad for a while this year. So, I consider suspending my account of mobile phone. Simultaneously, I feel my monthly communication expense is a little high. Therefore, I wondered which option is the best way to optimize my Smartphone life.

In Japan, NTTdocomo, AU, and Softbank are the three providers of telecommunication. The other days I used E-mobile as a provider, but it was consolidated by Softbank.

NTTdocomo recently began a new system of the fee, with which you can call anyone, anytime at the fixed amount of cost. Soon after NTTdocomo introduced it, AU and Softbank mimicked it. Nowadays, many users of Smartphone can enjoy free domestic call. Of course, it is doubtful whether this new system will joy users, since most users may have already utilized Skype, Line, or other free call services.

On the other hand, I guess that this free call system will cause other trouble to each provider.
So far most providers offered free call to family members of their users as far as they use the same provider. It had made users difficult to change the provider individually. However, with free call system all users can choose his or her favorite provider without concern to family members. Indeed, I needed not to hesitate to reconsider the provider.

Then, I made a conversation with a shopkeeper of Softbank. He recommended contract with Softbank, of course. According to him, I could get iPhone5C with only 1 JPY (1 Cent!) if I made a contract. Furthermore, he would give me 15,000 JPY (150 US$) for compensation of quitting NTTdocomo. In Japan, cancelling a circuit contract cost approximately $100, in general.

His offer looked attractive. Although I did not like iPhone very much, I nearly decided to accept his suggestion.

However, I noticed that my Galaxy S III was bound to Sim Card by NTTdocomo. I could not use this phone with any other Sim card than NTTdocomo's. It is no good in the case someone else wants to use it in the future. Therefore, I rushed into Docomo shop first to let my Galaxy S III available with any Sim card.

Unfortunately, the Docomo shop I reached had been closed due to out of service.

Finally, I abandoned to proceed the changing my phone and provider today.

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