Saturday, July 12, 2014

Kohmi Hirose's effort and talent

Today, I went to a live show of Kohmi Hirose, a famous J-pop singer-songwriter. Her voice sounded very attractive and she had very wide range of voice. She sang lots of numbers with great feeling. I believe that all audiences were fascinated.

(This photo is provided by Photo AC.)

In this session, she talked about her ambition. She wants to continue her activity as long as possible. Her desire is to sing her favorite songs at higher intervals when she reaches 80 years old.

Surprisingly, to realize her dream, she practices singing for 3 hours every morning.

As you know, it is extremely difficult to do something continuously. Spending 3 hours to an exercise is all the more tough task. For me it is even too hard to write this blog every day.

Why does such a talented person make efforts?

There are some studies to investigate the relationship between talent and effort. One research suggests that being able to make continuous efforts is a kind of talents. I think that this hypothesis meet our experiences.

Dopaminergic Mechanisms of Individual Differences in Human Effort-Based Decision-Making

Other research indicates that most successors made efforts, but the effect of their endeavor depends on the talent, as I remember. Unfortunately, I forgot the detailed content of the original paper. Considering the results of studies, the relationship between talent and effort is more complex than we imagine.

Finally, I believe this: it often occurs that an effort is not rewarded, but there is no effort not to be rewarded. Simply, it is a matter of the amount of effort, or by chance.

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