Thursday, July 10, 2014

Official software of Buffalo cracking case

Today, a suspected file as a computer virus was found in my PC. It took a couple of hours to investigate and restore it. I was exhausted.

Malware has been a serious problem for not only providers, but also all users. Crackers have several methods to make devices of others dysfunctional, or even enslave them. Every user and provider are required to be aware of security risks.

Very recently, an incident occurred around Buffalo Inc, a famous computer company. It is the biggest supplier of memories, storages, and LAN routers in Japan. I owe my PC life to Buffalo to some extent for many years.

One day, a file of a certain utility software uploaded on a website administered by CDNetworks, being confided by Buffalo, was replaced to a malware by a cracker. If you installed the software, your PC would be infected by a computer virus. It possibly leads to a leak of some personal data to others.

Buffalo noticed about this manipulation with a report by some users. It immediately demanded suspension of offering the suspected software from CDNetworks. After investigation, it revealed the fact that the website was cracked. It identified a total of 593 IP addresses of downloading, to each of which it sent a caution and an apology.

Fortunately, there have been no reports that property were damaged.

PC Watch: File tampering case of Buffalo (in Japanese)

It is a so tiny case that no foreign media reported about it, as far as I know. But if the reaction by Buffalo had been delayed, several users would have been negatively affected. Furthermore, if this virus had targeted LAN router itself, the amount of damage would have been more widened. I think Buffalo did a good job.

I hope no one follows this kind of internet crimes. They can interrupt the availability of the internet with ease. And it will result to entire inconvenience of modern architecture.

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