Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Development by the war, spread by the eroticism

Recently, a person who sold data adapted to 3D printer was arrested in Japan. She called herself as an artist. Which law did she violate? Actually, she sold 3D data of her own external genitals.

3D printer is an innovative tool. You can copy various things with it. You can create some tablewares which were created by a famous craftman on your own. You need not buy a replica of the David statue at a museum shop nearby Galleria dell'Accademia in Florence. In other words, many factories will be forced to be closed when 3D printers are available at most houses.

Of course, a 3D printer can duplicate sex organs. Someone will deliver a data of the penis of a popular porn star, as a joke tool or for more practical use. The woman I mentioned did it ahead.

This kind of matter often occurs at the dawn of a new technology.

Soon after the internet was spread, enormous websites dealing with sexual contents opened one after another. Not a few people learned the internet with the motivation to watch pornographic images.

In Japan, mobile phones were utilized to seek intimates. Lots of matching sites were developed. The police made great efforts to extinguish such illegal services.

The power of eroticism is vulgar, but should not be ignored. In most examples, the spread of a new technology or system depends on the amount of erotic contents using it.

In contrast, most technologies are born from the idea in military use. The internet is originated from the coded telecommunication in the army. The computer was originally used to calculate the track of missiles. Atomic power plants are obviously successors of the atomic bomb. Global Positioning System (GPS) is now broadly available, but its backbone was a military satellite.

Some people worry about the use of 3D printer to create firearms. I think this concern is quite natural.

After all, the war and the threat of the war usually helps our technology to develop further. And it is by the eroticism to spread it to publicity.

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