Sunday, July 6, 2014

Banned account case of Instagram for child porn

This is also complex news. A mother was divested of her account of Instagram because she uploaded some photos of her own daughter suspected to be a child porn.

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Courtney Adamo was fond of uploading her cute children's photo. One day, Instagram, a famous company, now affiliated under Facebook, which provides photo sharing service, banned her account all at sudden. The reason which is said to her is that she had violated the rule not to upload pornographic photos.

Actually, she frequently published the photos of her cute children. Bare abdomen and even nipples of the children were described in some photos she had uploaded. Administrator of Instagram identified them as child porn.

Mail Online: Why did Instagram delete this innocent photo? Mother's fury after she has her account shut down because the image broke the 'no nipple' rule

There are similar cases as I referred in the past entry. Google is also sensitive to this matter.

My past entry: Banning of Google account due to instant upload

Adamo protested to Instagram seriously against this treatment. She claimed that she had no intention to present a pornographic photo. According to her, it is ridiculous to deem her photos as works of sexual exhibition.

Response to her protest, Instagram revived her account. The photo erased by Instagram has not been restored. However, there are some other photos in which nipples are seen remained on her site. Instragram perhaps has loosened the policy.

Indeed, I felt happy to watch her photos because her children were so cute. I was not stimulated sexual desire never at all with her photos. In personal, it is a little odd to deem this kind of photos as porn. I support her opinion.

The issue is that there are quite a few people who are pedophilia. It is possible that a certain person who watched the photo would burn an inappropriate emotion. In this case it is afraid that her child faces to a risk to be kidnapped. Actually, some experts of social network service recommend you not to upload any photos of your children to avoid such troubles.

On the other hand, there are enormous sexual tastes in the world. Some persons are stimulated by the hair of a girl. Others are fond of seeing underwears of a girl. Should they also prohibited on the internet? Adamo referred to the fact that many advertisements focusing diapers of children. Is it also dangerous for some people?

Another point of view is that Adamo's daughter who is one year old has no recognition of being seen by many people on the internet. The mother has a responsibility to explain her intention of uploading to her children when she grows up. There are few adults who experienced their childhood in the era the internet was broadly available. Perhaps some people will want to delete their photos published in the childhood. This kind of matter will rise in the near future.


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