Friday, April 11, 2014

What distinguishes successor from loser

Recently, Andy Bailey, chief executive of Petra Coach created a post card. A total of 16 things which distinguish successful people from unsuccessful people were printed on its surface. Dave Kerpen of Likeable Local, the receiver wrote it on his blog. It helped the postcard to be broadened,

Neatorama: 16 Differences Between Successful and Unsuccessful People

The contents of 16 things are described in this entry. The figures illustrated are also beautiful.

I agree with most of the things. Especially, whether you embrace change or not is decisive. Some people who succeeded in the past tend to dislike to change anything more. But it will bring a failure in the near future.

Difference between operating from a transfomational perspective and operating from a transactional perspective is complicated. I do not think that transactional perspective is always bad. However, a motivating system with reward and punishment is not sustainable for a long time. People who are accustomed to financial incentive tend to trick each other. Instead, alliance bonded with strong philosophies are invulnerable to temporal chaos.

Successors do not avoid continuous learning. Instead, unsuccessors are trapped in their own instinct and experiences in the past. It is a red signal for you that you talk about your own experiences.

The 16 things are not enough to be successful in your life. You should be sincere, industrious, tender, and pleasant. In addition, you need certain luck. There are little difference between winner and loser. Nonetheless, it is critical.

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