Saturday, April 5, 2014

Frozen, accepting your love

Today, I watched a movie titled "Frozen." It is one of Disney animation films.

In Japan, Frozen has been broadcasted since very recently. It is a little strange that the 3D version was enjoyable only in a few cinemas. So I visited a TOHO Cinemas in Lalaport Tokyo Bay.

This is a landscape of Lalaport. It looks like a ship, isn't it?

The storyline is spun between the royal sisters. Elsa had a supernatural power make everything touched by her hand frozen. One day, she unintentionally hurt her little sister, Anna, due to abuse of her power. After that, her parents secluded her in the royal castle to hide her power and trained her for that she could control her own power. Elsa attempted to keep calm and feel nothing, and it resulted to shut Anna out.

At the coronation ceremony, Anna met a prince named Hans. She fell in love with Hans and got engaged with him immediately. After hearing the report from Anna, however, Elsa refused to bless the couple. She got angered, to change the whole the kingdom into a glacial region. Anna decided to chase disappeared Elsa to fetch her to save the kingdom.

A key word of this story is "true love." At the beginning of the story, an old troll says, "the Heart is hardly to change, different from the brain," followed by that the only thing to melt frozen heart is true love. These phrases are quite suggestive.

Anna had to seek true love for a certain reason. Whether Hans can provide it for her was one of the promising points. I do not reveal the climax for the readers who have not watch it yet. But it should make sense that, accepting the mercy of others beyond the fears to hurt the persons is also one expression of love.

The 3D scenes are amazing. The figures of heroines are very cute. In addition, several musical numbers decorate the film with impressive emotion. The main theme "Let it go" is symbolic that it expresses the ambivalent mind of Elsa waving between feeling free and refusing others.

Unfortunately, growth in the mentality of Elsa was not described enough, compared to Anna. It is a disadvantage of this work. Nonetheless, this is a splendid film.

Personal Rating: 4 (good)

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