Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I will be a trillionaire

Very recently, I received an email from India. I did not recognize the name of the sender. Suspecting it was a junk mail, I read it carefully.

Soon I was astonished to know the content. According to the sender, one of my distant relatives had deceased by the earthquake at Smatera. Surprisingly, he left a huge amount of the estate up to $1.5 trillion. But he had no family or close relationships in his life. The sender, who named a foreign accountant director, was seeking any descendants of him. At last he found me as one of the legitimate successors.

He proposed sharing the fortune divided by fifty-fifty. I think it is a little arrogant. Of course I will give him adequate reward, but he is merely an intermediary, isn't he?

So, I will be a billionaire, no it is not exact, but trillionaire! At first I will have to pay the inheritance tax whose amount I can hardly imagine. I will recruit a lawyer, an accountant, and also maids. What an odd and fantastic life!


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