Sunday, April 6, 2014

Predicting the future is difficult

Forecasting the future is a tough task. Especially in the region of information technology, the speed of growth is very rapid. Most people seem to struggle to catch up with modern trends. It is almost impossible to predict the situation in the future exactly.

Recently, CNN published an article regarding this theme, entitled "Five predictions for the web that were way off." It presented some authorities such as Bill Gates and Newsweek, to confirm that they also had failed to strike the prophecies.

CNN: 5 predictions for the Web that were WAY off

Besides them, there are many predictions which have never been realized. For instance, Steve Jobs said that American people would not read ebooks so much frequently. His words are proven to be false by the evidence that the majority of sales of Amazon bookstore is Kindle ebooks now. To begin with, is there anyone in 1990 who predicted the recovery of Apple?

By the way, I am very bad at future estimation. I did not believe You Tube would be popular, for I thought that creating personal movies was a difficult and annoying task.

Now, the growth of the internet is not declining. However, the world is more conservative than geeks imagine. The internet based nation has not been established. Facebook had a certain influence on the Spring of Arab, but proceeding to democracy is still sluggish. Some people dreamed that Bitcoin would be a completely liberal currency, although it remains a toy for professional speculators.

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