Friday, April 18, 2014

Ara, destructive project of Google

Google unleashed a new project named "Ara". It may change the market of Smartphone.

The Wall Street Journal: Google Unveils Project Ara, a 'Modular' Smartphone

Engadget: Google's Project Ara wants to revolutionize the smartphone industry within a year

With this scheme, you can choose several modules such as CPU and camera, as well as several sensors to combine them into a Smartphone. It made me imagine PC DIY. A couple of decades ago, some geeks were fond of creating their own PC from each part they chose. This PC with which I am writing this entry is also a customized one. Recently this hobby is out of fashion, since it is more reasonable to buy a PC assembled by the company.

Google will resurrect this old fashioned custom. Custom made Smartphones have some advantage. First, there are a vast variety of designs. Many companies will release several parts, one after another, like iPhone covers. You can equip some vital sensors if you would like to do so. Second, parts are compatible. If you are satiated to your machine, you need not buy another one, simply change some parts.

In addition, Google has announced that it will cost only $50 to create a Smartphone which meet the minimum requirement. The setting of cost is so destructive that many companies providing cheap machines will starve. In contrast, Apple and some other companies which can produce exclusively beautiful ones may survive the battle.

Google committed that it would introduce the first product within a year. I am excited to know the news.


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