Monday, April 14, 2014

Troublesome elders

There is a word "Rogai" in Japanese. It is a slang to mean an old person who causes some troubles. Young people tend to use this word on the internet. In typical cases, they criticize their boss using this word.

Actually, elder people have many advantages, as well as disadvantage. Indeed, elders usually have much experience which helps young people to do the right thing. In addition, most of them are not so aggressive compared to young people. The reason may be that they have learned from their early life that it is no use to be aggressive excessively for pursuing the achievement. In general, they are tender and patient. Furthermore, they have constructed many good relationships, both in personal and for business. As a result, elder people have much more money than younger.

I think that young people tend to deem these factors as vicious ones. For example, older people often behave in accordance with their experience in the past. They attach greater importance to their memory of success than newly information. Such attitude looks too conservative for young people. The calm trait of older people is also annoying younger people in some occasion.  Rookies are willing to grab an immediate profit. They hardly wait for a chance. In their perspective, elder people look a little dull for them. Moreover, mutual relationship developed in aged people is so sturdy and complicated that young people have a difficulty to join in it.

Above all, younger people cannot understand the characters of older people as strengths.

On the other hand, there are a couple of traps elder people are sometimes caught.

Traditional companies in Japan offer lifetime employment for many employees. It is a solid and well made system to maintain human resource available for the company with low cost. In such a company, young employees cannot earn enough money met with their labor. During their ability and potential are higher than their salary, they will be promoted and get more salary. After their development becomes static, their salary will no more be raised, but neither be reduced. Therefore, some of the senior employees remain higher position than they deserve.

Moreover, the life expectancy has been enlarged than ever before. Many companies are struggling to offer some jobs for old employees. It is certain that younger people are robbed of job opportunities by older people.

I believe that each generation can be cooperative in the society. However, it is difficult, especially for young people, to understand the thought of other people who lived in a different age.

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