Sunday, April 27, 2014

Obama visit Japan and Korea

President Barack Obama came to Japan, meeting with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on April 23. They seated together at Sukiyabashi Jiro, a Japanese Sushi Restaurant.

Mainichi: Obama opens Japan trip at famous sushi restaurant

Sukiyabashi Jiro is regarded as the best sushi restaurant in the world. Obama seems to be satisfied to eat the dinner. However, some Japanese media reported that Obama did not eat the whole contents provided by the chef. I do not know the truth.

The CNN: Obama begins Asia trip with 'the best sushi I've ever had'

Japan Today: Obama ate only half the sushi course: media

During the dinner, they discussed some political matters. It was important to gain some compromise from Abe regarding the negotiation of TPP for Obama. However, it seems that little attention is paid for TPP in the US citizens. Therefore, it is unclear how much Obama was concerned to TPP in this conversation.

After visiting Japan, Obama went to Korea. This trip was introduced accepting the request by Korea, according to Japanese media. This visit may be beneficial to Korea a lot.

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