Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cloud storage services (1)

Recently, My OneDrive caused several troubles as I predicted. A certain folder had changed inaccessible. In addition, some messages appeared describing issues about sign-in. I was so irritated that I decided to abandon OneDrive.

There are many companies providing cloud storage services. I am wondering what should I choose.

Google Drive
Google Drive is one of the most popular services of online storage. Google started to discount the fare for volume of storage, as I mentioned. You can use 10GB for free, and 1TB for $10 per month. It is a cool solution. However, it is a little fearful that Google comments that the license of the contents you uploaded through the services of Google is to be belonged to Google in its policy. Even if Google may never abuse this regulation, I should be careful to utilize Google services for secret products.

It is also a famous service as well as Google Drive. Dropbox is a company which offers cloud storage exclusively. One advantage of this service is good usability. You can manage it with ease. However, it offers only 2GB for free.

Yahoo Box
This service is provided by Yahoo! Japan. I am a premium member of Yahoo! Japan. So I can use 50GB of online storage in Yahoo Box. Of course it is reasonable, since I have to maintain a Yahoo! Premium account for continuing to use Yahoo! Mail. Firstly, I chose this one as the successor of OneDrive. Unfortunately, it was covered with lots of bugs. It froze again and again. Finally, I failed to upload my files. As I noticed there are many criticisms against this service.

(To be continued)

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