Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cloud storage services (2)

Cloud storage services (1)

Amazon Cloud Drive
Amazon also offers cloud storage service. You can use 5GB for free. In addition, any documents, MP3 files, and movies you bought from Amazon are to be stored in this cloud. Of course, they are not calculated into your cloud storage.
I have utilized it for a few years with Kindle international version. Due to a Feed sending service I utilized, my Amazon Cloud Drive had already been fulfilled.

I tried Sugersync with iPad several years ago. It looked attractive, but it caused some troubles. Actually, I feel any online storages are a little unstable.

Next, I found Wuala. It seemed usual cloud storage service at a glance. But it is far different. It provides digital storage with P2P file sharing system, not from cloud servers. The file you uploaded will be stored on local drives of someone else. You can always access it because multiple copies are created on other users' drives automatically. This scheme is a little similar to Bitcoin. Unfortunately, it is possible that Wuala is not invulnerable. There are some reports that a certain file was found on another person's hard drive.

Finally, I decided to utilize Copy. This service with a simple name offers 15GB storage with free. As far as I tried it, it was a very comfortable service. It is easy to use. Transferring speed is good. Moreover, you can get additional 5GB for each person you invite to Copy.

To be honest, I made a mistake. I created a link to my OneDrive unintentionally in a folder on Copy. Then, Copy and OneDrive were copying each other and the storage was nearly fulfilled with junk files. As soon as noticed, I rapidly erased the troublesome link.


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