Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Recently, my wristwatch was broken. It is a wave clock which adjusts the time automatically with receiving the clock wave. It is powered by solar energy so that it does not need any maintenance of batteries. However, it does not work properly any more. It is regrettable since it is one of my favorites.

I was interested in SmartWatch, during seeking a successor of this wristwatch. SmartWatch is an archetype of gadgets which equip an OS to be utilized as a digital tool. Sony and Samsung have already released some types of Smartwatch. They adopted Android OS and a touch panel to their products. So you can use them like a tablet.

Sony SmartWatch is advertized as it can be connected to Xperia, a flagship Smartphone by Sony Mobile Communications. Samsung's Galaxy Gear series are also available to connect to Galaxy smartphones via bluetooth.

You shall be more excited to know Apple is also developing Smartwatch. There are lots of rumors about "iWatch." It may equip a curved display. Some analysts say this amazing device will be released during Q3 in 2014.

Know Your Mobile: Apple iWatch Release Date, Specs, Features & Design: When Will It Finally Arrive?

Samsung does not keep silent. It is also developing a new SmartWatch which includes wireless telecommunication.

Patently Apple: Samsung Reportedly Preparing New Standalone Smartwatch

To be honest, I bought a wristwatch-like gear several years ago. It equipped MP3 player, movie player, storage, and MP3 recorder. For the first time I was excited as it would be usable for multiple use. However, it contained a critical disadvantage: whenever the battery run out, the clock is reset.

And now, I am wondering whether SmartWatch is attractive. Actually, I do not feel some wearable devices so smart. First of all, I wear a glasses. So Google glass will be annoying for me. Some wearable devices equip health sensor such as pulse meter. But I need not this kind of function. Instead, I prefer lighter and long-acting devices.

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