Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Uncomfortable airports

On this month, travelers are suffering from uncomfortable wait at the airport.

Following Paris and Brussels terror attack, the EU amended the rule of border control for a stricter check of passengers' identity. According to the new rule, travelers outside the Schengen zone should be examined at both the entry and exit.

The Guardian: Air travellers in Europe delayed by security checks and strikes

Border control refers to the authority about the criminal history of each passenger. It takes at least a couple of minutes. Thus, several hours is added to the total waiting time. Workers at border control are insufficient at many airports.

Furthermore, there are several factors to hurt your feeling at the airport many of which occurred recently, according to the article below.

The Guardian: Destination misery: seven ways they turned airports into hell

Some of the factors suggested by the author, I do not care. I do not drink free water frequently. And I seldom bring large suitcases. The issue of VAT and the paradox of duty-free shop are certain. But you can choose instead of the shop at the airport.

In my opinion, whether you can pass the gate smoothly depends on the circumstance in each airport. Last year, I went to the UK for an academic visit. In that day, I was detained at the border in Heathrow Airport. The reason was never revealed, but I guess someone misidentified my travel history. The year before, a worker said I could not enter Greece with my passport. Obviously, it was not true. I had to explain my status to her, taking a quarter hour.

I believe strict border control is no longer effective for domestic security. Terrorists are born anywhere if there is a certain condition, unfortunately. Enrichment of the whole society is the only and ultimate solution.

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