Friday, August 11, 2017

E-sports will be played in the Olympic

The International Olympic Committee is considering that e-sports will be included in the subjects in 2024 at Paris.

The Washington Post: Paris mulling inclusion of eSports in 2024 Olympic program

This idea is yet to be realized. It is uncertain some e-sports will be played in 2024 or later. Actually, members of the committee are hesitating to deal e-sports as same as conventional physical sports.

There are several barriers before accepting e-sports. Now, there are no international organizations to authorize the regulation about e-sports. There are many kinds of computer games to be elected as a subject of each tournament.

I think it is preferable to include chess or other analog games for Olympic before e-sports. Chess has already been identified as a brain sport for many years. FDA could administer the convention as an international organization. However, considering the fact that Chess Olympic has been established, the merit of including chess as a subject of Olympic game is not high.

If e-sport is accepted, many young players will dream to be a candidate even if they are not physically talented. I would like to see young players playing games on the world stage.

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