Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tunnels & Trolls Adventures released

Recently, Gen Con 50, one of the greatest analog game conferences in the US was conducted.

Gen Con 50

Several events were held there. Meanwhile, "Tunnels & Trolls Adventures," an application for playing T&T solo adventures was released for Apple iOS and Android. The provider is MetaArcade.


Tunnels & Trolls, or T&T, is a table-talk role playing game system with a history for more than quarter century. Recently, the 8th edition of T&T rulebook was translated into Japanese. T&T is famous also for many solo adventure booklets. And Tunnels & Trolls Adventures offers you to play several solo adventures on the tablet.

I am quite interested in the app, because the provider has promised to give a chance to create your original solo adventure scenarios on the app. In the near future, users will be enabled to publish their scenarios online. Even earning money for the creator of popular adventures will be realized, according to the provider.

Recently, I published s few solo adventure gamebooks on Amazon Kindle. It is a wonderful experience for me to let my original games played by many readers. I also want to make some scenarios for T&T on this app.

Unfortunately, T&T adventures is available only in the US now. I expect Japanese users will be permitted to release our new scenarios online soon.


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