Friday, August 25, 2017

Pink Whale Challenge

When I read the article below, firstly I could not understand what did it mean.

Hindustan Times: Pink Whale Challenge: A better, healthier alternative to ‘The Blue Whale’

I had not known the words "Blue Whale Challenge." As soon as knowing it, I felt upset as well as shamed.

Blue Whale Challenge was developed by a Russian in 2013. Astonishingly, it was a suicide game played on the social media. The players are given various orders every day for 50 days. They include some self-harming, meaningless, and symbolic contents. And on the last day, players are demanded to commit suicide.

It is not a joke, unfortunately. Over a hundred of people are identified to have taken their own life obeying the order. The developer of this evil game was arrested. The culprit seems to have introduced some mind-control techniques in the structure of the game. And its influence was spread to some countries.

Pink Whale Challenge was developed in Brazil to be a counter of Blue Whale. It can be seen on the website. iOS and Android application are also available.

Daily Challenge

Pink Whale Challenge requests you a small action every day. Each of them let you feel happy or lessen sadness. The last order is to help another person or donate something to an organization. The players are expected to change from a sufferer to a supporter. This concept is consistent with some psychotherapeutic technique such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Blue Whale and Pink Whale tell us how easily we can control other's mood. As a psychiatrist, I never accept the developer of Blue Whale Challenge. And we should be aware of the risk for an abuse of psychiatry.

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