Wednesday, August 30, 2017

North Korea's missile flew over Japan

In the early morning on Aug 29, 2017, citizens lived in Northern area of Japan woke up according to an official alarm. J-alert, an emergency reporting system by the government, notified users of a smartphone that a flying object from North Korea was approaching.

Official message was encouraging to evacuate them to indoor. In reality, few citizens seemed actually to seek a shelter because most people had been at home.

A few minutes after the alert, a ballistic missile flew in the sky over Erimomisaki, a cape in Hokkaido. Soon, the object was split into three matters. Nobody was damaged by the missile.

CNN: Trump says 'all options on table' after North Korea launches missile over Japan

This is the fifth case of North Korea's missile gets through the sky over Japan. Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan, announced that the government had completely grasped the trail of the missile and there was no dangerousness for Japan. As well, he condemned North Korea for its brutal act.

Donald Trump also made a blame to North Korea, suggesting that the US keeps an option to fight with the North.

However, it is unlikely that this incident will bring war, fortunately. North Korea seems to have calculated the outcome of this experiment. Kim Jong-Un seriously recognizes that he would not survive the real battle with the US. After all, this event is merely an operation to suggest the tyranny to domestic and international viewers.

The most worrying possibility is an accident. If North Korea's weapon injuries the US troop, Trump will have no choice but opening the war. Then, neither will win the battle. North Korea will soon perish, and stormy refugees will come to South Korea and Japan. The extinction of North Korea will never bring fruits to the US and Japan. Therefore, I expect the North Korea's power of technology and diplomacy, ironically.

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