Saturday, August 5, 2017

South Korea prepare for nuclear war

Some South Korean's politicians and their supporters seem to consider to develop nuclear weapons, according to the latest poll.

Independent: South Korea 'considering developing nuclear programme' to counter threat from North

South Korea has been exposed of the threatening of North Korea. So far, the US took the initiative in its defense strategy. But Donald Trump, as he repeatedly said, has an idea that South Korea and Japan should protect themselves with their own equipment. He even recommended having nuclear weapons.

President Moon is against this idea. But the result of the newest poll suggests the majority of Korean citizens want to protect their land with nuclear weapons.

Nuclear weapons are cheaper than other types of armies. Its development is not so difficult, at least theoretically. Both South Korea and Japan can establish a strategic defense with nuclear weapons if they wish. The reason why North Korea is stitching to the development of nuclear bombs is that it is the cheapest way of grabbing power.

However, nuclear weapons inflict serious damage on not only humans but also land itself. The center of the explosion will be destroyed. And they remain fallout for many years. If winning the war in the Korean peninsula, it will be difficult to integrate the two nations. Instead, the land will become in chaos.

After all, the possibility that nuclear war is realized by each of the nations. Nuclear weapons will have the power of prevention from being attacked. It is the same situation of the cold war between the US and Russia.

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