Thursday, August 10, 2017

Loss of workers in the UK due to Brexit

The UK is preparing for Brexit. Its influence emerges in many aspects.

The most crucial change will be immigrants. Many residents in the UK from foreign countries are reluctant to stay to work there. It brings the unbalance between demand and supply of the job market.

Reports say that the unemployment rate marked the lowest level ever just recently. At the same time, employers feel it difficult to fill the post required to maintain the organization.

International Business Times: UK firms hire staff at fastest rate in 2 years

It means that UK citizens will be in a stronger position to find their job. It is certainly what separatists have wanted. At least in this meaning, Brexit will benefit them.

On the other hand, skilled workers will lack in many regions of work. It will take the time to train British rookies to improve their specialty. As a result, the quality of services will be sacrificed in many industries, perhaps for some years.

It is doubtful whether British society will be maintained without immigrants. Accepting this fact, the government will keep accepting a certain amount of new immigrants. Nonetheless, lack of workers will do damage the community, I am afraid.

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