Friday, October 21, 2016

Ukip is collapsing

UK Independence Party, or Ukip, is facing a serious crisis.

It occurred when Brexit was determined by the historic vote on this June. Ukip’s goal is to make the UK leave the EU. Soon after the absolute purpose is achieved, Nigel Farage, the head of Ukip, quitted his seat. It looks strange and quite irresponsible that he has no intention to lead the UK in the post-Brexit era.

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It has been apparent that there are scarce persons who can manage Ukip well. Previously, Farage was willing to resign when Ukip lost several seats in the last general election. But, he was asked to remain because nobody could success him.

And, Diane James, the successor of Farage, threw away the work of the leader of Ukip. It was only 18 days after she was elected. The next head has yet to be determined.

Furthermore, Ukip is suffering from a shortage of money. A major donator for Ukip declared that he would no more support it.

Independent: Ukip facing bankruptcy as leading donor 'threatens to walk away'

It is common that a party composed of populists collapse soon after it grasps the administrative position. The reason is that their ultimate goal is to defeat conventional authority, not to address the concurrent issues. Therefore, they often attract the attention of citizens who dislike current situation. But once they stand at the top, they have no idea to fix the problems which have been suggested by them.

Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) took a similar course. Members of DPJ said they could make great changes to Japan if voters approved them. But, their promises had not been realized at all.

Winning an election is different from managing the political issues well. More generalized, there is a discrepancy between getting something and managing it properly.

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