Monday, October 17, 2016

Cloud storage incorporative

As I wrote previously, I actively use cloud storage services. They are so convenient that I can access various files everywhere. And I can go on my paperwork immediately after reaching home because files are synchronized between the desktop PC at the office and that at home.

However, recently, I have trouble about cloud synchronization. One Drive frequently failed to upload new files I created on the desktop.

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I considered that One Drive on Mac was underqualified. Actually, I had several troubles on One Drive previously. Therefore, I chose iCould Drive instead of One Drive.

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Not surprisingly, iCould Drive worked very well. On the other hand, one of my desktop Windows PC failed to get the files from the cloud storage.

I called for help to Apple customer support. The operator kindly suggested some solutions. However, none of them could fix the problem.

And at last, I am planning to induce Google Drive. Google has a strict, or somehow doubtful, policy. But it is more or less applicable to any other companies.
I have to take some trials and errors. If I successfully get along with a superior cloud storage service, I will report it here.

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