Sunday, October 23, 2016

Suitcase following you

Travelmate Robotics, a company in San Francisco, developed an item which had been highly dreamed by travelers.

It is a suitcase. Its only and unique function is to follow you automatically. Thus, you no more need to carry it by yourself. This suitcase is connected to your smartphone, and always keep a 15 feet distance from you.

CNN Money: This suitcase will follow you home like a puppy

According to the media, estimated cost for this marvelous suitcase is 400 USD or more, not unrealistically expensive. The spec in detail is yet to be finalized. Whether it can certainly avoid any objects is one of the issues of concern. When it is stolen, it can make an alert to the owner. In the next generation items, cameras will be equipped to detect obstacles.

I think this is a cool, and available item. Within a couple of years, this kind of robot suitcase will be spread in major airports. Because most airports have accomplished barrier-free environment, this suitcase will work without serious troubles.

Nowadays, dreams which were imagined by people in the last century are realized one after another. Wonderful!

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