Sunday, October 16, 2016

North Korea's missile unsuccessfully launched

North Korea fired a long-raged ballistic missile, but it exploded soon after launched, according to the media.

CBSNews: North Korean missile exploded shortly after liftoff, says U.S. and South Korea

This news was published by the US and South Korea. They estimated that North Korea attempted to launch Musudan missile unsuccessfully. Musudan type missile was developed in 2010. It was a modified form of a submarine missile developed by Russia. This June, North Korea fired the same type of missiles, and it flew across 400km into the Japan Sea.

According to the authorities, the missile newly launched was likely to equip an engine enhanced than the past. Potentially, Musudan could reach Guam islands where some American military camps. It means that the US has to watch out North Korea's attitude not only for its allies but also the security of the US itself.

The Japan government made a comment that this event would not influence Japan's status directly. I agree with this opinion. North Korea is continuously conducting the provocative activity. But it has no actual power on world conquest. Uninterrupted negotiation containing both persuasion and sanction is necessary to manage the current situation.

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