Saturday, October 1, 2016

Armageddon clock in your body

I have been having a question regarding human life for a long time. Maybe many people share this idea.

I often meet leading individuals in a particular industry, such as researchers in psychiatry. And, I read some people are still enthusiastic and energetic even in their 80s or more. Sometimes they look indifferent to maintain their health, saying, "Just do as you want to do. It is the way of keeping healthy." On the other hand, some of my colleagues have passed away for several reasons. Some are suffering from malignant diseases. Some abandoned the previous lifestyle for a chronic illness, despite their temperate lifestyle.

Why some people die in youth, while others live longer without any illness?

I occasionally feel something like fate. At the same time, there seem to be some mechanisms to determine the mortality in each.

In recent years, some researchers consider this my sense is of importance. And they reached the conclusion that human genome carries compounds which moderate the biological age of the host. Thus, some people have a faster innate aging rate. It is why they look old and die young compared to other people. It does not depend on their lifestyle, ironically.

The Guardian: Internal 'clock' makes some people age faster and die younger – regardless of lifestyle

According to the researchers, the innate aging rate can be modified, even though it was genetically provided. And, of course, having a good aging rate does not offer you to take a risky lifestyle. Nonetheless, it is a shocking result.

They say that their study will attract the attention of health insurance providers. It is possible, and quite sensitive. Previously, health insurance companies demand more money to people who have health risks such as elderly, diabetes, smoking, and so forth. Shortly, the innate aging rate might be introduced to the element to determine the payment of health insurance. People who want to get health insurance will be forced to get an investigation of aging rate. It resembles that your mortality is calculated.

I am not specialized to this issue. But, in my sense, the claim of the researchers is correct. And this concept will make us change the way of life in several aspects.

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