Friday, October 7, 2016

Master Card's new bio-metrics identification will be outdated

Master Card will introduce a new online payment system. Shortly, you can use the card online with fingerprint or facial recognition, instead of inputting the card number and PIN code.

ITProPortal: MasterCard brings fingerprints and selfie scanners to online shopping

Master Card seems to consider that some people have difficulty in enjoying online shopping because they have to input the credit card number. Different from this conventional identification, the selfie has been spread as an easy solution for identification. Ajay Bhalla, president of Enterprise Risk & Security, Mastercard told that it is a significant milestone in the evolution of payments.

To be honest, however, I hardly believe Master Card's suggestion is evolutional.

First of all, Apple Pay has already realized a simple payment system. You can make a payment with putting your iPhone on the device the store equips. Similar methods are feasible for online payment. Encryption devices are available with the low cost even for a person.

Second, while the fingerprint is rather hopeful, the quality of facial recognition is still doubtful. Misidentification frequently occurs. Recently, an incident in which a black woman was erroneously tagged by a gorilla.  Moreover, the facial impression is various according to the surrounding of the target. In my personal experience, depressed people are hardly identified as they were.

And, credit cards itself are outdated. Telecommunication providers and other companies are enthusiastic to gain the regular payment of the customers. They hold the account of clients so that the customers make payment of other services via the main company they are dealing with.

Unfortunately, I guess Master Card's solution will not become common in the future. Instead, many other families of online payment will be competing the share of this region, for a while.

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