Saturday, October 15, 2016

Sex offenses more reported in Australia

Public safety is one of the matters of importance people are concerned very much. Regardless of the real situation, some people feel unsafe in the daily life.

In Australia, a total of 21,380 sexual offenses were reported in 2015. It was increased by 3% compared to that in the previous year. Teenage girls were most likely to be victimized.

The Guardian: Reports of sexual assault rise to highest level in six years as awareness grows

However, this result should be cautiously interpreted. It is uncertain that men have become more violent, as it suggests women became more willing to report their suffering.

In general, sexual offenses tend to be underreported. There are several reasons. Victims are afraid of revenge after the whistleblowing. They can be even unconscious to the crime; some women believe they are unavoidable to be abused by men.

Then, the increased rate of reported sex offenses is rather admirable than sorry. It resembles incident reports in a hospital.

On the other hand, overrepresentation of sex offenses is another issue. The relationship between a man and a woman is often complicated. Some people believe that sexual intercourse enhances the bond between the couple. Others are reluctant to have an intimate relationship with their partner. When the thoughts of each person regarding mutual relationship are contradicted, the conflict can be perceived as a crime.

Nowadays, there are many ideologies contaminated in the society. We should be aware of the values and limitations of each idea. The definition of crimes will be amended according to the social climate.

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