Sunday, October 2, 2016

A series of ultimate psychotherapies

There are many types of psychotherapies. But most of them can be described with a few words.

Here are the examples of a series of ultimate psychotherapies.

Ultimate cognitive therapy
- So what?

Ultimate behavior therapy
- Just do it!

Ultimate psychoanalysis
- Hum?

Ultimate interpersonal therapy
- It's just a matter of relationship.

Ultimate brief therapy
- It's rather good!

Ultimate mindfulness-based therapy
- Stay here.

Ultimate Morita therapy
- Stay here.

Ultimate behavior activation therapy
- Just move!

Ultimate acceptance and commitment therapy
- You can suffer.

Ultimate suicide prevention
- You have no right to die.

Oh, I am not just kidding. Many psychotherapies have a particular core concept. If the client accepts the conceptual idea each therapy suggests, the therapy will work efficiently. Of course, simply throwing those words above to the client is nothing than abuse. In other words, a majority of the process of psychotherapy aims at making the client ready to accept them.

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