Thursday, October 13, 2016

Overcoming fear among dating

In recent years, psychology and psychiatry are more common in our daily life than in the past. People frequently hear advice based on psychiatric evidence. While some of them are scientifically incorrect, others deserve to be respected.

Dating is one of the situations we will be very anxious. Some people are so worried about what they will do at the date that they hesitate to meet their sweetheart. Some people are traumatized after a failure in the date. Therefore, many are concerned about successful and joyful dating.

In this article below, how to overcome your anxiety before dating is described. Cognitive therapy and mindfulness-based stress coping seem to be adopted in the strategy the author recommends.

The Conversation: Feeling anxious about that first date? Here’s how science can help

The contents seem rational as far as my understanding. Many people fearing date have social anxiety, regardless whether they are diagnosed with social anxiety disorder (SAD). People with SAD tend to imagine catastrophic situations without any evidence of possibility. And they check their body signals with excessive frequency. These reactions accelerate their emotion of fear. Persons in the fear become more aware of their physical status. It constructs a vicious circle among anxiety. One of the easiest ways of breaking the circle is to take a deep breath, as the author mentions.

On the other hand, it is certain that the most powerful solution against loss of self-confidence is successful experiences. Thus, a man without episodes with his steady can never be confirmed. Repeated exposure will relieve you from anxiety. It should be noted that repeated practice will never work in some regions. Practice is not a real experience. Being irritable and anxious (and relieved from such emotions) is necessary to reduce the fear in the future.

Cognitive behavioral therapy and mindful-based stress coping are easy to try for everyone. It is good for you to take some these solutions to get along with tough situations.

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