Sunday, October 30, 2016

Uber planning flying taxi service

Uber released an ambitious plan to introduce flying taxi service.

According to the press release, Uber is constructing electric aircraft with collaborating with several manufacturers, to realize the service, called Uber elevated, within 2026. Different from conventional jets, its aircraft can take off vertically, and work by electricity.

Mail Online: Uber's flying taxi plan revealed: Firm hopes to sign aircraft makers up to 'Elevate' service and launch in 2026

Uber expects this flying machine will make a revolution to commuters’ lifestyle. A flying car can bring passengers in 18 minutes to the destination to which it takes over two hours by car.

It seems fantastic, at the same time whereas it looks like a mere fantasy. There are several issued to be addressed before realizing air taxi service. Cost and safety should be prioritized. Legal matters are also challenging. Even regulations for drones have not been fixed in most countries. I think electricity is good for the energy of flying cars because it is free from air pollution caused by exhaust gas. On the other hand, it is doubtful if an energy battery carried by aircraft can provide enough power to levitate it for adequate time.

Another issue is that Uber proposed this idea. Uber is not a vehicle producer, but a company originally to introduce the car-sharing scheme. I am not sure other corporations dealing with transport services are planning similar services.

Is Uber so a new company that it has the potential to make an innovation such as flying taxi? Or, it is merely an advertisement to make Uber attract public attention? We will see the answer shortly.

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