Thursday, October 27, 2016

Now, privacy is a myth

Nowadays, information technology has been so spread that we are hardly aware of its influence in some regions. For example, we are almost unconsciously recorded by CCD cameras everywhere in the city.

A study revealed that a half of all citizens in the US are recorded by police. Their faces are stored with the status easily identified when necessary. Real-time facial recognition has been well developed so that a scene in a Sci-Fi movie will be realized soon. Thus, we will be tracked immediately after walking around a city park.

The Guardian: Half of US adults are recorded in police facial recognition databases, study says

In my experience, Japan is sharing a similar situation. Soon after a criminal act, perpetrator’s face is often broadcast. Every convenience stores and supermarkets equip CCD cameras which record the movement of each buyer. Public spaces are also investigated by several cameras.

Also in London, I heard that most criminals are soon arrested thanks to continuous supervision by the CCD cameras.

Social media are as well a hint to identify persons to be tracked. Twitter, Facebook, and other services are connected to the GPS data. And many users are indifferent to how these data are used. Internet anonymity is now no other than a myth.

Some people warn that current situation is risky in terms of violation of privacy. It is true, though, safety and liberty are always conflicting. Abuse of supervision should be avoided. But, I will accept the need that my privacy is exposed to public to some extent if my safety is guaranteed.

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