Sunday, November 16, 2014

Twitter will equip video

Twitter presented that it was planning to equip native video service.

According to the description on Twitter blog, this new function is expected to come in the next summer.

This new service will let the users upload, edit, and share video clips directly on the Twitter. Now you can post a video movie on Twitter via Vine or YouTube. But a native application enables a variety of usage.

The global trend of advertisement is inclined to video, recently. Viral media and other news sites have introduced video movies aggressively. Some talented bloggers earn much money on You Tube.

The absolute reality of video images is a great advantage. We recognize the world mostly through the eyesight. Text articles are annoying to read when being tired. Instead, video streaming with voice and sound is automatically entering our brain.

However, I do not like video advertisement for some reasons. First, it takes more minutes than text to acquire the information I need. I can read the text at a glance, while I have to stay in front of the monitor for a while to watch through the video. On the contrary, it may be the intention of publishers.

Second, video streaming need rich connection of the internet. I am sometimes annoyed with freezing of the video. Machine capacity is also required to stream video without stress. I guess that video advertisements are hardly spread in developing countries.

Third, video picture includes excessive information. Some people can be presented accidentally, leading to legal suits. The rule of copyright and reference should be more sophisticated.

Twitter will strengthen its infrastructure. Recently, Twipics, a picture sharing service connected to Twitter was decided to be closed. Twitter definitely relies on advertisement in its income. It will begin some video streaming for promotion. I am afraid that Twitter would lose its simplicity.

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